Seattle to Cancun

Our third year wedding anniversary was a present from my parents to Cancun, Mexico to stay at one of their timeshares. It was our first time in Mexico so we didn't have expectations but we knew we wanted to do as little as possible and eat as much as possible. We succeeded in both and realized a week in Cancun was plentiful for two people. If we do get a chance to go back, we'd like to venture out more into historical sites and eat more at places where the locals eat!

We stayed at the edge of the resort strip and so we were far from the commotion but a bus ride away to enjoy the tourist spots also. One day, we asked our concierge where the best churros were and they directed us to a plaza further in to the city. The bus ride wasn't too bad and we just walked a little bit through alleys and found the plaza. The churro stand was waiting for us to order so much more than just a churro!

Chichen Itza was very impressive though we weren't prepared for the weather. We stayed in the shade as much as possible and wished we took more time to spend reading every single part of the area. My favorite part during that visit was the chocolate store because I love chocolate! It was hard not to buy one of everything but I just went for all the Dark Chocolate bars. The heat was crazy but the people were wonderful.

My favorite part of our trip was taking the bus, walking through the city, finding local places to eat, and just talking to people so that we can be a part of their community instead of being another pair of tourists.