A Kung-Fu Class

The owner of Fusion Kung Fu is Sifu Michelle Pleasant. I met her through a dear friend and have taken one of her open studio classes that definitely kicked my butt! I learned new ways my muscles could do that I didn't think could be done. It let me become more aware of my body, its movements, and its directions. It definitely made me aware of the rigorous courses that her students have to go through to earn their belts!

This was the second time I've documented one of her classes but it was my first time at her brand-new studio space. The room was bright with an entire wall made of nothing but windows. She renovated the floors herself and definitely maintains the simplistic ways of Kung Fu. It was very inspiring to photograph there because all the students were motivated and empowered to reach whatever goal they set when they entered that class.

Congratulations Michelle on the new space! Here's to kicking more butts...