A Stylish Baby Bump

I've known Leah and Paul for a while now and most of those years they've tried to conceive. After years of doing everything by the book, off the book, and probably in the book, they've been blessed by a wonderful, healthy baby bump. These two are going to be the most creative and wonderful parents I know. This baby boy will also have the coolest hairstyles in school because both of his parents are very talented hair artists! 

So when Leah told me about her idea for a maternity shoot, I knew this was going to be a very memorable session because it's definitely not something you hear as a request everyday. We talked about the details to make sure it comes out exactly the way they envisioned it and I wanted to make sure they got what they wanted.

Thank you for letting me become part of this fun day! I can't wait to meet your bundle of joy.