A Growing Family

I am the most nervous when photographing for a friend and what makes me even more nervous is when I know they're a very talented photographer. So when his 'Baby Mama' asked me early on to be the one taking their pregnancy photos, I was excited and anxious at the same time. I wanted to make sure they got the best location, the best photos, and the best photographer. By the time Kelly's belly was at its furthest, she reassured me that they just wanted photos to commemorate this belly and nothing too extravagant. Not sure if that made me feel better but I was a little relaxed knowing in the end, it's all for Baby Sadie.

The morning that we met up at the location, it was also the coldest day of the year. Frost was everywhere, it was slippery on the wooden areas, and I had all these ideas in my head especially when I saw the misty fog in the background. But then all those ideas just went away and we winged it because I didn't want Kelly, Devin, and Zoe to freeze in their first photos as parents! It became a very simple shoot which was exactly what I should have expected. These two already made me proud because they toughed it out that cold day just for this baby. I'm so excited to meet their baby girl and I know she's going to have the best photos growing up because her dad is a great photographer too!