A Bridal Tea Party

It was a tea party for all the lovely ladies in Jen's life and she was surrounded by all of her wedding colors, yellow and green! Her friends started everyone with a crazy game called Pass the Cucumber! There were definitely some fun photos out of that game but I will only share a few. Jen's sister also asked a few questions about her groom and for every wrong answer, she had to stuff a marshmallow in her mouth. Pictionary will always be a fun game because it shows team work between your family and friends.

Before the bride arrived, the guests wrote a little note, a wish, or whatever they felt like writing for Jen. They were all gathered together so at the end of the main events, Jen picked a card randomly to read out loud. She picked her Sister's card and started crying before she could start reading. Her sweet sister took the card and read it out loud for her instead and that was one way to send your sister off to start a new life with her husband-to-be.