Seattle to Chicago

We were invited to a family wedding in Chicago and so we decided it was the perfect reason to take our very first trip to the Midwest. It was going to be around the first week of June and so we were told that the weather would be great. The one day that it rained was when we watched a Chicago Cubs game at Wrigley Field. Thank goodness for cheap seats because we were high enough to be covered by the awning and protect my very fist Chicago Dog!

Before our trip, we were told about all the many places to eat but we couldn't decide on one place so we figure, why not try as many as possible? We had different kinds of deep-dish pizza almost every night: Lou Malnati's, Giordano's, and PIzzera Uno's. They each had their own way of creating this pizza but I think in the end, my favorite is Pizzeria Uno's because it still had great, buttery crust nested under a red-wine flavored sauce with plenty of sausages! A few of the places we ate at that were also worth the trip were: Stacked for breakfast, Birrieria Zaragoza for homemade tortillas and saucy tacos, Big Star for the amazing guacamole and frijoles, Stan's Donuts for the croissant-like doughnuts, Andy's Frozen Custard, and Portillo's for their onion rings! The Chicago Dogs at Portillos were the recommendations for us but we fell in love with their onion rings instead.

Our first stop was the Millenium Park because I've always been curious about the bean. I always see the photo of The Cloud Gate from the outside but never the inside. The inside was like a Mirror Fun House! It was pretty cool but very dizzying because of all the different curved angles. I loved watching the people trying to take photos of their reflection on the metal surface. The Crown Fountain was also fun to watch because of all the kids enjoying and interacting with the art installation. We also checked out the Downtown Chicago Library because we had to make a last-minute print of our baseball game tickets! Then after the game, we went down to the Adler Planetarium to see the Chicago Skyline. It was cloudy so we barely saw the tallest skyscrapers but we still went to the Sears Tower and tried our luck. As soon as we got the top, the clouds cleared up and we saw the rest of the city!

One sunny day, after walking through Wicker Park watching a friendly baseball game, it looked like the best time to take a sailboat out to the lake for a tour of the Chicago architecture. The Windy Sailboat was a nice and slow ride not too far from the shore but enough to see the skyline. After the boat ride, we also did the night tour of Downtown Chicago and the shade from the buildings made it a breezy ride on top of the tour bus. Our last night was spent with a friend over drinks and dessert at John Hancock Tower's 95th Floor Signature Room. Being the only lady in the group, I was lucky enough to use the ladies restroom there because it had one of the best views. 

Thanks Chicago for being beautiful and delicious. Thank you Seattle for always welcoming us back home with the most amazing landscape...