Chinese Sausage and Beans

My original attempt of making a new Chili recipe took a detour to a "Pork and Beans" flavors. I wanted to try using Chinese Sausage for Chili because that was all we had in the pantry. I had already soaked and cooked a cup each of Black and Red Beans, sliced up a whole onion, and minced half a bulb of garlic. We love garlic so much that half a bulb didn't even sound enough. In a separate pot, I sauteed my cut up Chinese Sausage until the oil came out. I ladled the cooked beans until the beans covered the sausages. I added some paprika, cumin, red pepper flakes, salt and pepper before covering to let it boil. As soon as it started boiling, I put in the chopped carrots and then let it simmer. When I finally tasted it, the sweetness and salty flavors from the Chinese sausage definitely made this dish feel round. It's not chili or pork and beans but it's yummy!