Seattle to Portland

A weekend in Portland usually consists of eating for me and my husband. This trip included a visiting family friend and so we played tourist with her by stopping at some well-known places to see in Oregon. Of course we made sure to sneak new places to eat in-between the sight-seeing and also took the family to some of our favorite spots in town. 

Our first stop was at Fish Sauce in Downtown Portland. We tried Ban Teth for the very first time and it was similar to a Filipino dish called suman. Their Fish Sauce wings stayed true to its name by being very pungent but we didn't complain because it tasted really good. We checked in to our hotel in DoubleTree and they never fail to entice us with their freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies. Fortunately, this hotel also provided a communal bowl of fruits for the guests in the lobby.

The next day, after having breakfast at the hotel, we attended the Anointing of the Sick mass at The Grotto. It was a beautiful sunny day until we had to sit in the sun for the duration of an hour and a half! It was a very peaceful day though and that made it all worthwhile. We had lunch at this place called Bistro 23 because it was nearby and the menu looked good. The service was really fast for our big group and the food were still delicious. We spent the rest of the day shopping to take advantage of the tax-free state but we didn't really spend much because we were so tired from all the walking. Dinner couldn't come fast enough because we were really excited to try LeChon. I would definitely recommend making reservations especially on an evening weekend! We didn't have to wait for a table on a busy night and our food came at good timing every time.

On our last day, we had breakfast at Elmer's because we wanted to try this giant German pancake that reminded us of a Dutch Baby. It was close but not quite. The food were very filling and made us ready for the day. We visited the Pittock Mansion and walked the grounds. The small house next to it was open to the public and we checked it out. The details were preserved very well and as much as I'd like to think the staircase was creepy, it was pretty sturdy! Afterwards, we looked for Peninsula Park to see the beautiful Rose Garden! There were so many blooming everywhere and wished there were more benches perched underneath the trees around the perimeter for us to just sit and enjoy everything. When our tummy started grumbling, we made our way to Pok Pok since we knew there might be some kind of wait. We were told to wait half an hour and got a table at exactly that time but it was worth it because we got the best seat in the house. The long table right by the sidewalk was perfect on a nice, sunny day! 

We never leave Portland without stopping by Burgerville especially during Walla Walla Onion season! They have the best onion rings and they always cut them so big that they're as big as my hand!