Estrada Family at Gas Works Park

Over two months ago, I posted an announcement on my Facebook page to coincide with my official website launch! Along with this announcement, I asked my family and friends a question: 

"What would you want photographed to always remind you of your bravest or most proud moment?"

I received 21 answers and all of them were just as important as the other. I wanted to give everyone a hug after each post. Even my own mom joined in and posted that all she wanted was a photo with her family. I could easily cry right now but I can't type this blog through teary eyes! So in the end, I put all those comments in a pile and had my husband draw the name. That person would get a free portrait session with me of what she wanted photographed...

Luz Estrada I wish my family could be photographed when we are together laughing and enjoying each other's company. It would be a great thing to look at when we are fighting and not speaking to each other.

Scheduling conflicts took a few tries to get this session rolling but we all picked a nice, sunny, and very busy day at Gas Works Park in Seattle. Her family were all coming from different directions of the state so we took pictures of Luz and her boyfriend while waiting for the rest of her family to trickle in. It wasn't a complete "Family Day" but all the ladies were present!

Luz's honesty in her comment made me appreciate spending time with her family even more. Just to be able to capture candid moments with them and getting them to laugh together was very heartwarming. My favorite part of the day was getting Luz and her sisters laugh when I asked them to hold hands and look at each other. No one does that in real life but for candid photos like the one above, it's perfect! Thank you Luz for joining my mini-contest. I hope you do get to appreciate these photos on days when you just need a break from your family.