Baby Reveal at Lake Meridian

When Lily contacted me for a surprise reveal session with her family, we had to schedule it soon because it was getting harder and harder to keep it a secret from her son. She showed me some photos she had in mind, her plan on how to surprise her son Amir, and we were all set with date, time, and location. It was a beautiful autumn morning at Lake Meridian so we had the best lighting and weather a photographer can ever ask for! So I let this bunch run around the hill for a little to warm and burn off some energy.

We started making our way towards the lake shore to find a perfect spot to do the reveal. I must say I was very nervous as there's only one of me and afraid that I'd miss all the reactions from everyone. I focused on the gift that Amir was opening as Ted held on to it real good. Lily was in the background getting Amir pumped up about what's behind the wrapping. Once all the paper has been torn and the gift was clear to see, Amir must have re-read it multiple times because his mom had to ask him what it said and that's when Amir pointed at Lily saying "You're pregnant!" Whew, okay he figured it out but then he started feeling the sign, looking for something else like a new toy and when he realized that's not what the surprise was, he ran towards the edge of the lake. This was when I realized what a great kid Amir was because as much as he was disappointed to not get what he thought was his surprise, he took the time to himself and figure things out on his own. He eventually rejoined us and put on his Big Brother Bear shirt with pride!

For a while, Amir would run away from our session so I let him just play on his own while I spent some time with the Parents-to-Be! You can definitely feel the love and care that Ted and Lily have for each other. This is one lucky baby to have a smart big brother and genuine set of parents. I then turned my attention towards Amir and followed him a round the playground for a bit so he knows that even with the new baby coming, he will still get the attention he deserves. I got to know him and how he has friends that he already considered as his brothers. I told him it will take a while to get used to a sibling but someday, he'll realize that he can have a teammate for life once the baby comes! So eventually, he got into the groove and started posing with the frame on his own. He got into it towards the end even though he still thinks he should have gotten a new toy as a surprise! Ha! Congratulations Ted and Lily for definitely surprising Amir!!!