A Weekend in Sonoma

When the first thing that greets you is a giant lawn chair, you know you're in for a nice, lazy backyard-type weekend. Interesting enough, our first stop was coffee at Picazo Cafe. They had a special Guavamosa but we wouldn't have been able to take that on the road so we picked up our caffeine and headed towards our house for the weekend!

Our AirBnB was your typical two-story home with a garage and a driveway. It was located in a super private road so it was very quiet. We were surrounded by trees so there were plenty of shade that kept the house cool throughout the day. It looks like it was renovated in the lower floor and the restrooms upstairs so it looks modern. We checked out the rest of the house and picked our beds!

We tested the kitchen immediately with this fresh pineapple brought by Des all the way from Oahu! The whole house smelled like pineapples as soon as she took it out of her bag. I tried to prep it the way every Filipino Mom or Dad did them by slicing only enough skin to leave the most meat, cutting out the "eyes" by following the pattern it makes, and then making sure to serve the celebrant to check for sweetness! Usually, I'd have to salt the outer edges before slicing them up so that it releases the natural sugar but this pineapple was already perfect!

While some of the girls were getting their spa treatment, Tien and I headed to the grocery store. We realized that the grocery here seemed a little bit more expensive than back home. Either that or we were expecting fresh produce to be somewhat cheaper since we were in California. We filled up our cart with drinks, fruits, and protein for breakfast before heading back home to get ready for our first night out together in celebrating Ann's Bachelorette weekend!

Our Uber driver took us to a three-year old restaurant in Sonoma called Aventine. Its tucked away inside a rustic Jack London Village. Everything was decked out in wood, surrounded by trees. There were plenty of outdoor seating and a small parking lot off to the side. It was very quiet until we got there but would be a very relaxing location to enjoy food, drinks, and some friends until closing time. I started with this cocktail called Vodka Cucumber Basil Gimlet which basically had everything I loved and so it tasted refreshing especially with the basil. Everyone was served bread and butter to start with but you can always ask for Vinegar and Oil especially when it's a very hardy bread to help moisten it up a bit. The octopus appetizer was very tender while my salmon entree was very meaty. They cooked it seared enough on the outside and a little bit more pink inside that it allowed it to be full and fresh with every bite!

The staff was very nice and accommodating. We were seated promptly with a reservation and our big group was treated very well. There were no leftovers to take home from this dinner but we were very full!