A Bachelorette in Wine Country

How many wineries can you visit in one day? As much as you like, of course! We were able to visit all three of our scheduled wine tasting tours this day and every single one offered their own version of wine, vineyards, and service.

First stop was lunch at V. Sattui Winery since this place offered a barbecue feast in their courtyard alongside picnic benches nestled under giant shady trees! They also offered an indoor wine tasting and it was very busy that day with plenty of tourists roaming around. We were in and out of there with bottles of sparkling water and grape juice. The tri-tip sandwich was tender and had lots of meat while the salmon was very thin. It was a nice freshly-cooked lunch to start our day, though! Cheers to that :)

The second winery was Stag's Leap Wine Cellars and since Thanh Thanh was a member here, she brought in a "Challenger Coin" which meant our host is challenged to bring us a bottle that we think we'd like after the tasting. There were two types of tasting that involved different types of win. It was a split between the group so we all got to try the different wines. I liked their introduction Estate Series but I fell in love with the 2013 Cellaris Collection! It definitely evoked the feeling of relaxation after a long day, sitting under a shade on a summer day, with a glass in hand, a charcuterie of fruits, meats, and cheese on the side. Ah but alas, it was too rich for my blood so I'll just relax with sparkling water after I nurse these glasses of deliciousness. Thank goodness for wine tastings!

We had some time left between wineries, we stopped by a local market to indulge in some ice cream, cheese, crackers, oysters, and cold brew. I suppose we needed something to soak up all the wine we've been drinking all day so it was a perfect snack break before heading out to our very last wine tasting tour!

Our last scheduled wine tasting tour of the day was at Clos Du Val. It was a smaller vineyard with a young grapevine taking place as you enter their driveway. We were reserved to do our tasting outside on the lawn with a cool breeze coming through from the grapevines around us. The wine here is a bit more on the mellow side, or was it the mood of that time. We were winding down a bit and just enjoying the shade, the breeze, the scenery, and each other. We also took the opportunity to visit the vineyard next door and check out the grapes!

After all the drinking, it was time for some more eating. Tien made our dinner reservation at Ad Hoc late enough that we can make it there on time but we got there early enough to ask to be seated early. Instead, we were seated way longer after our set reservation. By the time we were seated, we were hungry but also ready to wind down for the night so thankfully, it was a full-course menu that we just added sides onto the set course and waited for them to come with plates. They were also very accommodating to my dairy-free needs which was very nice for everyone else to remember. I'm so used to not letting it hinder others that I don't even remember asking if places have dairy-free options. Turns out, their alternatives were just as good! I tried Forbidden Rice for the very first time and it was much nuttier than brown rice! Their fruit plate was also a better option for me instead of the cheese plate as it had so many kinds of fruits there: fig paste, dried figs, fresh apples, and pumpkin seeds! YUM!

Most of us capped dinner off with a fresh cup of coffee to last us the drive home. It was also a nice contradiction to a cold make-your-own-sundae. Mine was a Coconut Sorbet so it was weird to make sundaes out of it but I tried what I could and enjoyed the rest of coffee instead...