Doing the Fair!

I still remember when the Washington State Fair used to be called Puyallup Fair and we'd know it's coming up when the song comes on TV commercials! I never went to a single one during school even though I would request multiple tickets for free to bring the entire family. Maybe because I hoped we'd be able to go but my mom worked odd hours and my dad would take part-time construction jobs on the weekend. Being an only child, I wasn't also allowed to go a lot of places with my friends and so it seems that my annual fair trips began when I started dating my husband. We've missed a few in-between but it's still something we look forward to every year. This year was even more fun because we went with Lexi and Adam that has never been to the fair!

As always, we park in the lot across the Blue Gate. It's only $15 for the whole day and they also take debit/credit cards. The machine isn't consistent though as we had to pay with cash that day, so be prepared to bring extra. The line goes through really fast even with someone checking bags. As soon as you enter, you're greeted by the merchandise stand, fair information booth, and enticing barbecue smoke. Surprisingly enough, none of us picked up anything from EVERYTHING FRIED this year! They might have to come up with something new to fry for the next year...

Just around the corner was the familiar WILLY'S PHILLY'S but I wanted onion rings so while I waited for my order, Adam and Lexi headed over to MO'S FRESH MEX for their Macho Nachos. My onion rings were mostly soft but the batter was really good. Those that stayed crispy were perfect and I didn't have to eat it with any sauce. The plate of nachos were HUGE! It was loaded with so much stuff that stuff would fall off. Eventually, Adam ran out of chips and had to eat the rest of the toppings with his beard and a fork.

There was a scheduled Sheep Parade in a few minutes and so we all made our way towards the SILLYVILLE town but I wanted some fresh scones already so I picked up a Baker's Dozen at FISHER'S and Russel ordered a Strawberry Shortcake. I asked for no butter and so I was able to get the fresh-out-of-the-oven bunch since their pre-made ones already had butter. That might actually be a great tip if you want the warmest scones but don't care for butter! Someone in front of me requested them whole so he got his dozen pretty fast.

Pretty soon, we were back on track towards the Sheep Parade and walking into the sunset. As beautiful as it was, it was very bright! We found the enclosure of sheep and figure that's where the parade was but we got distracted. You can buy some "Sheep Skittles" for 25 cents and they know immediately when you have them in your hands. One sheep kept trying to climb on the fence to pop its head out further. Another ship closed its mouth on my finger and learned my lesson that sheep teeth hurts. Some of the most matted wool while others have the most stylish wool cut. Most of these sheep are just super curious and would try to say hi as close as possible so be careful of your stuff or else they'll nibble on what they can get. 

The sun seem to be setting really slow that day because we were able to watch our shadow cast super long ones as we make our way through the fair. We found some rides that intrigued us and took a while of convincing and then unconvincing. Then there's a WESTERN POST area where you can experience how its like in the Wild Wild West. They had a JAIL set up where we spent a lot of time pretending to be locked-up before a little girl outsmarted us. There's a little demo on how to work with oats and pump water. It was a nice area for kids to experience for sure!

One of the things I wish they'd have more at the fair are bubble stands! Or just have a bubble machine in every corner. There's something about bubbles, sunshine, and sugar that makes you a little kid again. I was taking pictures of the carousel behind the bubbles when Russel walked up and started jumping through them. Before long, everyone else had joined in!

All the jumping burned off some of our food so we had to make a pit stop for some more! While waiting for two kinds Elephant Ears, some of us had gotten a few Roasted Whole Corn. We finished what we could and then walked towards the Rooftop Beer Garden. The group found a table to relax for a bit while Lexi and I started taking photos of the view. I love how the fair still looks really pretty in black and white!

As the skies grew darker, it was a better time to tackle the rides. A few of us lined up for specific ones, mainly Lexi and Adam. Russel and I surprisingly don't ride at the fair even though we love roller coasters because we come here mostly to eat and we don't want to see our food come back up. It's good to know though that they provide some first aid and prevention for events like that. Some of us played some of the games also but no one walked away with a prize though there seems to be online hacks on how to beat these games we didn't know until after we left the fair.

After using up the ride tokens, we visited the Hobby Gallery to check out any new and interesting collections. Being a collector between me and Russel, we just like to see what others have an array of one specific theme. The vendor stands were mostly closed by the time we got through so we didn't get to buy anything random this year. Though before the night was over, we still had room for one more thing and ordered a giant corndog. We shared a picnic table with other friends we ran into at the fair and actually finished my entire corndog with the help of Russel and Lexi! We arrived around 6:00PM and left when they were closing around 10:30PM so we had plenty of time to walk through most of the fair. Oddly enough, we didn't eat as much as I felt like we normally did! Hmm...