This was my contribution to The Wing Luke's exhibit "From Fields to Family", showcasing the different ways food is central in our families. whether they may be Filipino, Indonesian, Japanese, or Korean, each culture brings a specific food tradition that cultivates the diverse API culture in the pacific northwest.

When I was approached to contribute to this exhibit and given the subject to address, the first thing that came to mind was the annual Dirty Food Party that a group of friends throw every year! It was a culmination of what Fields to Family embodies as it is a clash of different cultures at one place sharing their own dishes. I also knew I had to contact some friends that love cooking the food that reminds them of home and it was like documenting a family gathering about to embark down a childhood memory lane. I was luckily connected to the president of Korean's Grocery Association at that time and she invited us in to her home as she prepared a birthday meal for her brother and friend. It was a very humbling experience and even though it was filled with Korean dishes, it was shared with different kinds of people and we all enjoyed the food she prepared.

This exhibit could have included more but in the end, we always welcome food on the table to share with family and friends because that's how we keep our communities nourished and fed!

+This exhibit was curated by Jessica Rubenacker!